Triumph Street 675 2013 Belly pan Carbon

Belly pan Full Carbon (2 parts)

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Belly pan 2


2x2 6k twill carbon fiber cloth. This fiber is the most widely used in the automotive industry. This material is woven tighter than most fabrics
  and this will help ensure a straight weave and a better end product.
This material is a high quality PAN fiber, which means that you receive a better quality material than most other fabrics


inner layer:

Biaxial + 45 / -45 degree carbon fiber fabric 12k 400gsm This material is fiber Hyosung H2550. This material is not the best for the visual layer, but is "Structural" it will give your piece a flawless resistance

Belly pan left 2


The motor shoe is delivered complete and assembled, the fixing points are 100% compatible with those of Triumph factory

This carbon set is an exemplary finish, and a look resolutely "Racing"

Made of epoxy resin, and by infusion

Belly pan 1


Triumph Street 675 Belly pan carbon (2 parts)