Carbon - technology

My name is Darville Robert, and I founded this small structure dedicated to "Composite" and more specifically to "Carbon fiber"

This site is created by an enthusiast for enthusiasts

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All our achievements are exclusively made under vacuum by the process of "Infusion", it is
put the fiber under controlled vacuum and inject the resin at temperature.This p

rocess allows the huge advantage of "Control" the nature of the resin and so choose the one that fits best.

It is possible to use "any" type of fiber as well as Aramid (kevlar), whether of color or not.

This technique is particularly well adapted to small and medium series, while maintaining an optimum quality

We realize Any type of room on demand, and whatever the sector (auto, motorcycle, decoration, jewels, kitchen ....)

The pieces presented on the site, are representative of our quality and level of finish, but not limiting (example)

You can not find your piece, look no further, we will make it for you.
All your requests will be dealt with as soon as possible