Triumph Speed Triple 1050 Hugger rear

Triumph Speed 1050 Hugger rear "Trio-Carbon" mod. G.L.

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220,00€ inc. tax

The body of the Hugger is made from Hexcel IM7 wire of very high resistance. The weft size is 6k and is woven into a weave of 4 satin staples. This 6k IM7 carbon wire is a smaller wire than a normal 6k carbon wire. Due to the size of the fiber, this 6k fabric gives the appearance of a 3k. This material has a very unique visual appearance. Thickness .009" 

Central "Reflective" tape

Reflective silver carbon fiber fabric 3k. This unique weave for reflective carbon fiber almost looks like a 2x2 twill that is the most commonly used weave. This material is of very high quality. If you want a unique look, there is no other available fabric that can be compared to this one.

All our production is made of epoxy resin and by infusion (vacuum control)
the various finishing steps (3) are successions of epoxy lacquering and finished with a hand polishing, in order to give you a "Perfect" finish and rendering